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Windows 7 Start-up Recovery Process

Windows 7 Start-up Recovery Process


This guide shows you how to use the start-up recovery tool included on your Windows 7 Recovery Disc (32 & 64 Bit) to fix most boot problems in Windows 7 automatically for you. The Start-up Repair tool will look for and replace corrupted system files.

Additionally, you can use this disc to recover from a previously made Windows Backup performed while the system was still functional.

The command prompt recovery console is also available for advanced functions however it is out of the scope of this document.


This process will resolve issues related to corrupted system files and other software related boot issues.


This process cannot resolve hardware issues. If this process does not resolve your problem it is because your system most likely has a hardware issue. With hardware issues, the problem cannot be resolved with a software fix alone. Diagnostics on the hard drive and memory (RAM) should be performed using the ACSD boot disc.

Always backup your personal files and data using the ACSD boot disc before using this recovery process. Hardware issues must be diagnosed and cannot be resolved with only this software recovery tool. Support at www.UltimateBootRepair.com